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Tips and useful information for a successful motorcycle trip around the world

Vietnam by motorcycle

Vietnam is must-visit destination if you are planning a motorcycle trip in to South-East Asia. Vietnam is a vibrant and fascinating country and a destination that is becoming increasingly popular on a par with countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam offers something extraordinary to those who want…

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Dolomiti by motorcycle

What are we talking about? The “Dolomiti” are a group of massifs and peaks that are part of the Italian Eastern Alps. What gives them their name is the typical color given by their stone they are made of, the dolomite: a pale, uniform gray which grants them a unique, elegant look. If you google…

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Motorcycle equipment, checklist and tips

A list of items you should consider bringing on a motorcycle trip One thing we can say without fear of being contradicted is that the equipment you need for a motorcycle is a lot: listing the item can be as difficult as thinking how to pack and take them with you. Another seemingly trivial consideration…

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